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 LSAIA Presents: Allocating to Emerging Managers

Nov 18 Panel Pic.jpg

Allocating to Emerging Managers


  • Panayiotis Lambropoulos, PM, ERS of Texas

  • Andrew Gitlin, CEO, PAAMCO Launchpad

  • James Haddaway, CIO, Satori Alpha

  • Tim Barrett, CIO, Texas Tech Endowment

Moderator: Scott Hodgson, ERS of Texas

Charity: Latinitas

Sponsor: Cowen

LSAIA Presents: Rick Lacaille, CIO, State Street

Rick Lacaille Photo.JPG

LSAIA Global Speaker Series

Speaker: Rick Lacaille, Global CIO, SSGA 
State Street Global Advisors

With $2.5 trillion in AUM, State Street Global Advisors is the world's second largest asset manager.  As Global CIO, Rick Lacaille is responsible for all investment management activity at SSGA.

  • Global Macro and Political Drivers

  • Pension/Endowment Fund Asset Allocation

  • Currency Wars

  • Emerging Market Small Caps

Charity:  Texas Advocacy Project


Lone Star AIA Presents: Tom Tull & Friends

LSAIA Panel Discussion

Alternative Investments in Austin, Texas: Past, Present & Future


  • Tom Tull, CIO, ERS of Texas



  • Paul Ballard, CEO and CIO, Texas Treasury Safekeeping Trust Company

  • Tim Barrett, CIO, Texas Tech University Endowment

  • TJ Carlson, CIO, Texas Municipal Retirement System


Charity: CASA of Travis County 




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