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Lone Star Alternative Investment Association is a Texas nonprofit organization created to bridge the gap between Austin alternative investment professionals.  LSAIA provides a forum for quality educational content, networking and industry best practices while highlighting Austin as a growing investment community with a strong institutional backbone.  Austin is one of the leading cities in the country with public institution assets surpassing $400 billion.  In addition to this public institutional foundation, Austin is also home to a plethora of family offices and fund managers across the alternative investment spectrum.  Lone Star fosters an environment in which alternative investment professionals can come together to build a stronger community that Texas can be proud of!
Membership - There are currently no membership dues for LSAIA. However, as a commitment to strengthening the local community, LSAIA supports a worthwhile local charity at each event and suggests a tax deductible contribution of $20 be made per attendee.
Events - LSAIA hosts events throughout the year.  Please see 'Events' page for information on past and upcoming events.
Founder - Scott Hodgson, CFA
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